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Giving comes in many ways. Your contributions are essential to helping Near North Health  (NNH) fulfill its mission. We are providing high quality, affordable and comprehensive health care to Chicago communities that have a shortage of medical, nutritional, and behavioral health care options.


Last year, more than half of the people served by Near North Health did not have medical insurance coverage. On average, a person in that situation faces disparities, or worse than average, healthcare options. As a result, they end up with poor health outcomes, including chronic diseases. We all need continual, preventative care to maintain optimal health. To meet the needs of our patients and clients, NNH emphasizes illness prevention in all its services and programs. We promote a healthy lifestyle that takes into account each person's unique challenges, desires, and life journeys.


Your contributions will support critical medical, dental, nutrition, and social services for more than 36,000 low-income individuals and families NNH serves each year in the city's north, west, and south side communities.


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