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Sponsoring events is also an invaluable way to give to Near North Health. Events take place throughout the course of the year, that provide opportunities to support Near North. Financial sponsorships, raffle prizes, food donations, in kind gifts and participant registration contribute to the success of these events. Please check our website throughout the year for event dates: 

Annual Gala

The purpose of our gala is to gather those who support the Near North Health mission and raise funding that would enable us to continue to improve health and promote disease prevention in the various communities that we serve.

Taste of Near North

The Taste of Near North is a popular event that features culinary delights from Chicago restaurants on both the North Side and South Side. The event raises funds to provide support during the holiday season to our most disadvantaged patients and their families.

More Information

For more information about our special events or making a gift to Near North, please contact the External Affairs and Communications Office at 312-337-1073, Ext 4217 

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