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Sliding Scale Fees

Near North Health Sliding Fee Schedule

Near North Health Dental

Sliding Fee Schedule

How to Pay for Services

Payment Options

Opciónes de Pago

Payment Options

Near North Health accepts the following methods of payment for services.

• Medicaid and most Medicaid managed care plans                 • Major credit card

• Medicare and most Medicare managed care plans                 - VISA

• Preferred provider option (PPO) plans                                       - MasterCard

• Most marketplace insurance options                                         - American Express

• Cash                                                                                                 - Discover

Discount Sliding Fee Scale*


Nominal Fee                               $30

Discount Category B                 75% Discount

Discount Category C                 50% Discount

Discount Category D                 25% Discount

Discount Category E                 10% Discount

* Discount determination is subject to income and household size in accordance with the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Help with ACA enrollment

Our Certified Application Counselors and SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) counselors can help you enroll in Medicaid, Marketplace, or Medicare insurance. Click below to visit our Health Insurance page. 

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