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Early Intervention


Near North offers a wide range of compassionate services to individuals infected, at-risk, and affected by the HIV virus. Our dedicated HIV physicians and nurse practitioners are certified by the American Academy of HIV medicine.  We offer a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with HIV. All services are available in English and Spanish.


Near North offers confidential and comprehensive testing and treatment for sexually-transmitted infections on a walk-in basis.  No appointment is necessary.  We offer rapid HIV testing, with test results available in minutes.  This service includes both pre- and post-test counseling sessions.

We recommend getting tested twice a year for HIV and STIs if you are sexually active.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

HIV Medical and Preventive Care

Medical care is provided by a team of trained and qualified providers with experience treating men and women infected with HIV for their primary care preventative services, as well as HIV related medical needs. 

HIV Testing and Counseling

Near North provides confidential HIV testing at all four clinic locations on a walk-in and provider-referred basis. Individuals interested in being tested for HIV can see a test counselor free of charge.


Peer Support

Peers living with HIV provide advocacy and support services to those newly diagnosed and may be involved in outreach, testing and linking individuals who are without care to services.

In Good Hands

Case Management and Support Groups

A team of experienced medical and non-medical case managers who provides general support and social service assistance, including benefits (Medicaid, Medicare) and referrals.  Additionally, support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS are held twice a month.

Nurse Checking Girl

Community Outreach and Education

Near North is committed to the communities we serve and often work in partnership with several local community organizations.  Our HIV Outreach Workers represent Near North at health fairs, in schools, churches, and other community events to educate residents about HIV/AIDS. Rapid HIV testing (oral) is also offered at all events as well as during street outreach.

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